Woman’s Hour, Conversation (first single from the forthcoming album)

Discoveries: WOMAN’S HOUR 
Based in: London
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards 
You can listen to: https://soundcloud.com/womanshourband
Waiting for their debut album Conversations.

S.Carey, Crown The Pines video 

April, 2014
S.Carey, Range of Light 
Crown The Pines
Fire - Scene
Fleeting Light
The Dome
Neverending Fountain

S. Carey’s work is a hugely beatific, restorative panorama of beauty - perfect given how landscape and the wonder of nature inspire much of Carey’s imagery. His new album Range of Light takes its title from the name that 19th century naturalist John Muir gave to the Sierra Nevada, and follows suit with a dazzling array of musical light and shade, drawn from Carey’s love of jazz, modern classical and Americana. Like a weathered mountain range changing shadow form and color, or the ebb and flow of a river’s current, S. Carey’s music is simultaneously restful and rhythmic, complex and simple, and always evolving.

Wild Beasts, Palace (from Present Tense, 2014)

In detail you are even more beautiful than from afar

You remind me of the person I wanted to be / before I forgot

I really love these lyrics about love. 

(Source: Spotify)

Wild Beasts live, a couple of days ago. 

February, 2014
Wild Beasts, Present Tense

Nature Boy
Sweet Spot
Pregnant Pause
A Simple Beautiful Truth
A Dog’s Life
Past Perfect
New Life

All we want is to feel that feeling again

Angel Olsen, Lights Out (Live 10/09/2012)

just when you thought you would turn all your lights out it shines
some days all you need is one good thought strong in your mind / no one’s gonna take it for you, darling it’s true

There’s so much I could say about Angel’s music I never know how to start. I’m glad I’ve found this old video of a new song. Movement for me is like a milestone of her poetic. She sings about life and life is movement. And feelings move too. It’s like she manages to fix some moments of her growth and her quest of meaning by writing songs. These are some of the reasons why I think it’s right to consider her works as different views of the same ground. This video sums perfectly the musical transition between Halfway Home (2012) and Burn Your Fire For No Witness. There are more raw songs on the new work. This is like a bare version of the album’s one. The intensity is the same, the landscape moves. 

Angel Olsen Will Be Heard from Spin.Com: http://www.spin.com/featured/angel-olsen-march-2014-cover-story-interview/

Life. There’s so much life in her music. 

Daughter, Tomorrow (Live at Air Studios)